In this part you can have a look at Russian pages of different interpreters of early music on site (the information about foreign interpreters is from official sites and translated into Russian specially for the project SCHOLA MUSICAE ANTIQUAE). The information of the part Interpreters is permanently added as soon as the texts are translated from English into Russian.
Note! Only links to official sites of interpreters of early music, the information of which is available in Russian pages on site are given.
If you can provide any data about an interpreter in Russian, it will speed up the creation of the page on site.

Below are links to the pages of different interpreters on Russian site SCHOLA MUSICAE ANTIQUAE (you still have English demo-version!), and also links to the sites of interpreters in Internet (new page is open).

Russian interpreters

page (in Russian) on SCHOLA MUSICAE ANTIQUAE web-site
Academy of early music (Moscow, Russia)
A La Russe (Moscow, Russia)


Baroque Ensemble (Yaroslavl, Russia)


Benedictus (Omsk, Russia)
Brevis (Minsk, Belarus)
Camerata (Tomsk, Russia)

Chamber Orchestra of MSU (Moscow, Russia)
Chilin Pavel (St. Petersburg, Russia) new!


Concertino (Irkutsk, Russia)
Djembe (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Drolls (Petrozavodsk, Russia)
Kuznetsov Yuri (Moscow, Russia)
Lad (Moscow, Russia)
Laterna Magica (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Lubimov Alexey (Moscow, Russia)

Madrigal (Moscow, Russia)

Maykapar Alexander (Moscow, Russia)
Musica Petropolitana (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Schola Cantorum (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Shek Sergey (St. Petersburg, Russia) new!
Sobolenko Victor (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Theatre of early music of MSU (Moscow, Russia)
Zolotoy Vek (Moscow, Russia)

Foreign interpreters

page (in Russian) on SCHOLA MUSICAE ANTIQUAE web-site
Banchieri Singers (Hungary) new!
Capella Teatina (Italy) new!
Chanticleer (USA)
Collegium Vocale Gent (Belgium)
Comparone Elaine (USA) new!
Folger Consort (USA)
Hakkinen Aapo (Finland)
Herreweghe Philippe (Belgium)
Hilliard Ensemble (Great Britain)
Le Voix Humaines (Canada)
Lionheart (USA)
Lumen Valo (Finland)
Musicke Companye (Great Britain) new!
Parmentier Edward (USA) new!
Richards Kurt-Owen (USA)
Rose Consort of Viols (Great Britain) new!
Trio Uccellini (Netherland)

Warszawska Opera Kameralna (Poland)


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